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If you're looking in the Chicago Phone Book, you'd find me under:
Santoro, Lawrence P.

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Want to read me?

My short story,
The Hoor's Revenge
from "Blood and Donuts"

is currently collecting recommendations for the

Horror Writers Association's Bram Stoker Award in 2002.

My short story,
was recently published by
Chanting Monks Studio and Boneyard Press
in their anthology, "Sex Crimes."


My novella,
God Screamed and Screamed,
Then I Ate Him

from "Cthulhu and The Coeds; Kids & Squids"

received the nomination for a Stoker in 2001

Okay, okay...it didn't get the award, but it's an interesting thing.
Go read it!


Cordwell's Book
from "Tales from the Red Lion"
is also pretty interesting and offers a behind-the-scenes picture of a real haunted place...The Red Lion Pub in Chicago

These anthologies are Twilight Tales publications...


is in here somewhere. It's a poem..

Sunday Morning
is based on "Nanna" and is part of a novel...

is one of the pieces from my Bluffton collection of stories...

Go. Bungle around in here.
There's lots of stuff to find. You have to look.


Thanks Tina Jens, Andrea Dubnick
and all the T.T.'s dudes and dudeens...
for helping to make me a real, live boy...
Thanks, Sally for everything
Thanks, David Fell and Phase Shift for making this thing work!






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