While you're waiting
...here are some sites. Go, bungle about.
(bungle, verb: to goof, to amble without aim...one of the literary things you do on the can or at the barbershop...)

...some friend's pages...

Alan M. Clark
Tina Jens
Jerry Gilio
Jay Bonanasinga
Mort Castle
Alexa de Monterice
Yvonne Navarro
Gigi Phillips
P.D. Cacek
Kathy Ptacek
Robin Reed
Janet Pack
Nancy Kilpatrick
Sephera Giron
Liz Engstrom
Ray Vukcevich
Bruce Holland Rogers
Steve Beai
David Fell
Sharyn Novemberand her friend Jessamyn West
Steve and Melanie Tem

...places I like...
some for research, some for fun

Twilight Tales...the oldest weekly reader program in captivity
Twilight Tales' EGroup site...join and chat
Horror Find...links and more...I'm there, so's everyone!
Authorlink...information for writers, editors, agents, publishers
Horror Writers Association...the pro org for scream-meisters
Dark Tales...a very good publishing company
NECON...writer's summer camp by the sea
Castles of Wales...vast, fun...just what it sounds like!
Lary's Naval Airship Picture Book...No, that Larry is not this Larry. That Larry's site is about men and the blimps who lofted them...great fun. History, nostalgia, and I never knew it was so hard to land one of those suckers
Project Gutenberg...all the books that's free to read
Urban Legends Archive...remember those beehived hairheads?
New Advent Catholic site...everything Catholic - Roman, that is...and that covers a lot of stuff
Find A Grave...homes of the ripe and famous
Internet Movie Data Base.bungle about in movie heaven
Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos...think that's spelled right? Go see if I got it right in God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him.
Cemetery Dance Publications...a great magazine and a cottage industry. Be sure to look for The Christmas Thingy...out in December (hen else?) of the year 2000.
Stars Our Destination...a great sf/fantasy/horror store in Chicago. Nearly.
Borderlands Books...a great sf/fantasy/horror store in San Francisco. Really

Lone Wolf...a good place to read
Dark Echo...ditto

There's a lifetime of bungling here. If you can't amuse yourself in, say, Sheryn November's site ALONE for at least a whole wet and intrtospective winter day of the soul, you need to take up karioke as a serious afterthought.